Clopay Torsion Spring System

Clopay Torsion Spring System

The torsion spring system by Clopay actually makes installation easy, convenient, and fast. It is also built to make replacement easier and less dangerous. As a consequence of the way these products are designed, they are considered among the best in the garage door spring industry. The Clopay torsion spring system or the EZ-Set spring system is built to simplify the installation process in garage doors. The system includes an extension spring and torsion spring system, both from the EZ-Set product line. It is safer and only uses common tools. The system also removes the need to lift the deadweight of garage doors manually. This makes EZ-Set suitable for homeowners who want to install garage doors with springs.

Garage door springs in NesconsetSpring Installation and Replacement

Although Clopay has an installation manual for do-it-yourselfers, they still strongly recommend that homeowners seek assistance from trained garage door professionals. They have high-performing basic tools required for accurate installation, are prompt, and proficiently trained. Trained technicians complete the entire process within a few minutes, leaving you with a fully functional garage without lifting a finger. No matter how easy spring system installation looks, they can be tricky and dangerous too. Remember, injuries do occur during installation. A good example is when it comes to adjusting or removing the bottom bracket connecting the cables to the spring system. Most accidents also happen when tools, even though how basic they can be, are mishandled. To prevent mistakes and accidents, installation should not be performed on your own; rather, professional garage door technicians should be hired.


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