The Most Dangerous Accidents Associated with Garage Doors

The Most Dangerous Accidents Associated with Garage Doors

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Many governmental agencies, health organizations and experts on garage door matters gather evidence and information from all over New York and draw valuable conclusions as garage door repair Nesconset inform us. Accidents associated with garage doors are not a new subject and the 1993 legislation for the reverse system was the first attempt to eliminate them. Though, no matter how many endeavors the state or special agencies do, accidents will continue as long as homeowners don't pay attention to some basic rules and neglect the maintenance of the garage door parts on time.

What is the most dangerous part?

The Most Dangerous Accidents AssociatedThe winner is the garage door springs. They are responsible for most injuries or even some fatal accidents. They are dangerous because they won't warn you clearly of their problems and the serious injuries occur due to the high pressure they are wound with. At the same time, people keep attempting to fix them or replace them without having the proper knowledge and equipment, and they usually end up injured.

What are the most common injuries?

  •     It is self-evident that your hands will be the first parts of your body that will be injured and, hence, you must keep them covered with thick gloves when you are cleaning and repairing the mechanism.
  •     Your face is unprotected as well and you must keep away from sharp edges or metallic components that can penetrate your skin. It goes without saying that you must keep your face covered when you are fixing the cables or engage on garage door torsion springs replacement.
  •     Many accidents occur from the panel of the mechanism; actually, the heavy weight of the door can cause terrible injuries. The first rule is to refrain from standing underneath the door even when the door is recently maintained and the second one is to remember that garage door opener sensors maintenance is very important for your safety.
  •     Don’t speed while entering your garage, especially if the ground is slippery due to rain or snow. It will cost you in personal injuries and panel replacement.

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